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Bye bye Reddit

I’ve been deeeeeep into open source over the last year. I’ve learned so much Linux I feel like my head could explode with all this new knowledge I didn’t know I could learn. Reddit has been such a life-line for ideas, troubleshooting, and even just simply creating a community to go to and be a part of. But we all know what happened, and I fundamentally disagree with it. Apollo was one of the few apps I paid for. I found it to be an incredible app experience, and it added so much value to Reddit. It was very upsetting to see a website that used to be about it’s users, turn on us so quickly.

I was not there for the Digg exodus, but over the last few years I feel like Reddits days have been numbered. I can’t go on it anymore and have the same experience I did 9 years ago. Where you’d read something insightful (or horrifying) or learn something fascinating that you’d want to tell everyone you knew. Now you cant go on it without wondering if an /r/askreddit comment is a writing exercise or a chatgpt response, and everything feels like a repost.

Dawn of the Fediverse

During all my Linux research I’m surprised I never came across any of the Reddit clones. When it comes to the fediverse, Mastodon was the only new website I had heard of, but I didn’t really use Twitter and I didn’t understand the idea of the fediverse. Now that I have a moderate understanding of it, it seems to good to be true. Especially now with the Reddit exodus, Lemmy is seeing a massive user increase, but with that comes risks I’m sure. Many of these instances are self-hosted, and I have some concerns about the security of some of these instances. Although I know security is hard, and hackers are good.

I enjoy Lemmy but I find it still feels a little too much like Reddit, which is why I like Tildes. I don’t think Tildes is part of the fediverse, but it is open source, and it already seems like the place for me. It’s dedicated to more long-form ideas and thoughtful comments rather than easy jokes and humor. If you ever decide to join be sure to read its philosophy.

phil cifone

is a photographer and Linux enthusiast focused on digital archival storage. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.