about me


My name is Phil Cifone.

I am a photographer, digital archivist, and Linux enthusiast further researching and expanding my skills in storage and network infrastructure.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography plus nearly a decades worth of experience in photography, IT/network support, digital asset management, and storage administration for a small, yet high end photography studio that worked with many top brands. I managed over half a petabyte of data, creating backups and recovery plans. I even helped manage a B2 cloud migration and physical server move highlighted by cloud storage company Backblaze.

Working with the studio sparked an interest the more technical aspects of digital media storage and it’s preservation. Currently I’m self-hosting a variety of servers and services on my homelab, including this website!

Outside of work you can usually find me either hiking and camping, at a concert, or at home where it’s always sunny with my fiancée Amanda and our cats Carol (from HR) and Pepe (Silvia) just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You can contact me and find more of my creative and technical works below!



Please reach out if you’re interested in working together!

phil cifone

is a photographer and Linux enthusiast focused on digital archival storage. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.